BSFT® Program News : 2018 : March

New BSFT® Program in Järva, Stockholm

Framtid Stockholm, (formerly known as Maria Ungdom) established its first BSFT program in 2007. In September 2017, Framtid Stockholm opened their second BSFT program in a suburb of Stockholm known as Järva. This suburb of Stockholm is home to Swedish residents as well as immigrants from Syria and refugees from Afghanistan. Sweden is well known for its generous social welfare system which creates a safety net for all Swedish citizens. Faced with a massive surge of immigrants and refugees arriving in Stockholm in recent years, the city of Stockholm has re-doubled its efforts the ensure that all its inhabitants are employed, obtain housing, receive education and social services, and live in communities that are free of crime. Today’s Järva does not meet those standards, and the city of Stockholm has committed funding to improve the social conditions. Framtid Stockholm under the leadership of Mikael Jeppson has been charged with leading the revitalization of Järva. With years of success implementing the BSFT program under the leadership of Swedish BSFT Model Manager, Annsofie Larsson, Mikael Jeppson decided that the BSFT program would be the cornerstone of Framtid’s project in Järva. A BSFT team of 3 therapists was trained in September, 2017 by Annsofie Larsson and American Model Manager Stephen (Kris) Denny. Currently, the BSFT team is seeing a variety of families. The therapists are ethnically diverse and speak several languages. An array of social services is currently being provided to the citizens of Järva. Congratulations and Happy Holidays to Framtid Stockholm!