BSFT® Program News : 2010 : April

BSFT® Program Agency Recognizes Excellence

Since the 1970s, community agency Crosswinds Youth Services (Cocoa, FL) has been creating opportunities for young people to succeed. Crosswinds is part of Florida’s “Redirection Program,” launched in 2004 by its Department of Juvenile Justice to “redirect” troubled youth from residential placements to more effective, family-focused, evidence-based treatment. The BSFT® Program has been implemented at Crosswinds since November, 2007.

BSFT® Program-certified On-site Supervisor Stephen “Kris” Denny was awarded Crosswinds’ “2009 Manager of the Year” at this nationally recognized agency, located an hour east of Orlando, Florida. All of Kris’ therapeutic work is in the BSFT® Program. He was recognized for meeting all his benchmarks, striving to get his BSFT® Program team certified, and his top scores in client satisfaction based on end-of-treatment audit. Prior to receiving the Manager’s award, Kris was promoted to Program Director from Program Coordinator.

Kris credits the University of Miami for making the BSFT® Program a “real success story” because he was sent to a full day of Professional Development and Training at the University, in addition to the full complement of BSFT® Program workshops and ongoing supervision and consultations. Kris believes that his management skills improved significantly after the individualized training.

According to Kris, “The BSFT® Program enables the therapist to get right to the core of the issue” to determine the reasons that problems are occurring. He believes that the unique BSFT® Program methodology allows him to “make real permanent change with the family.” Furthermore, Kris noted that his fellow BSFT® Program therapists, Amanda Loken and John Weimann “get excited as they see changes happening with the family.”