BSFT® Program News : 2009

BSFT™ Developer Dr. Jose Szapocznik (L) speaks with Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Deputy Secretary Rod Love (R). (Photo Joshua Prezant).

BSFT® Program sponsors cradle-to-prison PIPELINE® forum

Over 200 people assembled at the University of Miami’s Medical Campus on October 2 to examine the current state of juvenile justice in Miami-Dade County (Florida). Organized by the Circuit 11 Juvenile Justice Board in collaboration with The Children’s Trust and the Brief Strategic Family Therapy® Institute (BSFT®), the purpose of the event was to develop a juvenile justice strategic plan and legislative agenda for dismantling the Cradle-To-Prison Pipeline® in the community.

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BSFT® Program Conference In Sweden

The “Conference to Introduce Brief Strategic Family Therapy®” was held September 10-11, 2009 at the Karolinska Institutet, Solna Campus, in Stockholm, Sweden. The conference disseminated knowledge about the method in Sweden, which is recognized as an effective program of several academic and national (USA) organizations to reduce or stop drug abuse and related behavior problems in adolescents. Attendees included therapists and administrators from several European nations.

The Brief Strategic Family Therapy® Institute is currently supervising a team of six therapists in the BSFT® Program Model who are part of the Maria Youth (Ungdom) Center In Stockholm, Sweden – a governmental organization that provides drug treatment to adolescents and their families. The team started their training in late November of 2007 and is currently participating in supervision to sustain the BSFT® Program in their agency.

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