Evidence for the BSFT® Program : BSFT® Program Effectiveness

BSFT® Program Effectiveness

The BSFT® Program has evolved from more than 30 years of research and practice at the University of Miami. Evidence and recognition of the BSFT® Program’s effectiveness continues to grow.

The following charts illustrate the effectiveness of the BSFT® Program regarding different outcomes:

BSFT® Program Engagement versus Engagement as Usual

(Szapocznik et al., 1988)

Engaging and Retaining Difficult Youth and Family Members

Engaging Difficult Youth & Family Members: Usual vs. Participation Enhanced Strategies

(Santisteban et al., 1993)

Engaging Difficult Youth and Family Members

BSFT® Program versus Group Counseling

(Santisteban et al., 2001)

Impact of Family Therapy and Group Counseling on Family Functioning

BSFT® Program vs. Group for Adolescent Drug Users

(Santisteban et al., 2003)