Evidence for the BSFT® Program : Cost Effectiveness

Cost Effectiveness

The BSFT® Program is a cost-effective intervention that can, when appropriately implemented, reduce treatment costs well below that of traditional services and other family-based interventions. A typical BSFT® trained therapist effectively treats 36 families to completion in one year.

  • A BSFT® therapist treats approximately 12 families to completion in approximately four months.
  • A BSFT® On-site Supervisor handles a 50% case load.
  • A team of four BSFT therapists treats approximately 100 to 125 families to completion over the course of one year.

The BSFT® Program can achieve favorable outcomes at cost saving in comparison with the usual mental health and juvenile justice services, such as detention, incarceration and residential treatment. At an average cost of $3,500 per youth, the BSFT® Program is more cost-effective than most intervention programs aimed at serious juvenile offenders.

**Average combined agency costs and BSFT® Institute costs over three years. Costs can vary based on numerous factors including but not limited to agency salaries, distance to families in treatment, use of certain digital recording equipment, etc.

Contact the Brief Strategic Family Therapy® Institute at (305) 243-7585, for more detailed information about the cost-effectiveness of the BSFT® Program.